Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Twitter Co-Founder Launches SUPER Social App


Biz Stone may have helped to create Twitter, but he didn’t stop there. His new company, Jelly Industries, just released another social app called SUPER. It serves virtually no purpose and barely qualifies as actually being social (because the things you create and share are only available within SUPER and cannot be shared outside of the app); all the same it is fun and chances are good you will come out a few giggles ahead once you play with it.

The idea is pretty simple: SUPER makes it quick and easy to share your thoughts. Beginning with an opener (selecting a phrase such as: ‘The Worst’, ‘I Love’, or ‘Check Out’), add your text, and finish by signing it and adding in a random background image chosen based on context the best the app is able and then edited automatically using a randomly applied filter (unless you prefer to add in a photograph of your own).

Mostly, the app is brightly coloured and adorable –but it’s a formula that has worked very well for could-be competitors like SnapChat. It is terribly easy to use and get the hang of, which definitely helps. It also makes you feel a little like a modern-styled graphic artist of sorts, which I can definitely appreciate.

More than anything, apps like SUPER tell us that social networking is here to stay and demonstrate that there is a demand for innovation in that arena.

Feeling like you haven’t tried enough social networking apps? Download SUPER for Android!

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