Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Barnes and Noble Unveils Print on Demand for Indie Authors


Barnes and Noble Nook Press is geared towards indie authors and allows them to self-publish their titles and sell them in the Nook online bookstore. The company has developed a new print on demand service that will allow their cadre of authors to print physical books.

Designed to be simple and provide a high level of customization, the NOOK Press print service provides customers with a complete do-it-yourself experience for creating a hardcover or paperback book. The new service offers black and white or color printing, high-quality paper choices, multiple trim sizes and cover treatments. Additionally, with NOOK Press Author Services, authors can now choose from a variety of packages and a la carte services to receive professional assistance making their book.

Authors and aspiring writers can use the new print service to create books for personalized gifting and keepsakes, and self-published authors can create promotional, review and personal resale copies.

"With the introduction of the NOOK Press print service, we're providing authors, creators, crafters and more with a powerful new tool to bring their writing to print," said Theresa Horner, General Manager of NOOK Press & Vice President of Content Acquisition at NOOK Media. "It is very exciting to have the NOOK Press platform supporting authors in multiple formats."

"NOOK Press is proud to add print books to its portfolio of services. As the world of self-publishing grows, NOOK Press will continue to expand its easy-to-use content creation services in support of all authors, writers and creators," said Doug Carlson, Executive Vice President of Digital Content and Chief Marketing Officer at NOOK Media LLC.  "The NOOK Press team has created another outstanding experience for authors to showcase their content."

It is important to note that the POD service will not get  your book in Barnes and Noble bookstores. Amazon Createspace and Ingram Lightningsource will get your books on the main book lists that stores get and allow them to  order the books to stock on their shelves.

Barnes and Noble also has not fully developed this system in-house and instead is relying on a yet unnamed 3rd party to provide the POD service. There is a rumor going on right now that this company is Author Solutions is providing the POD conversions.

This POD service is horrendously expensive, you are going to be paying $999 minimum and ranges in price to $2,199. You will get the assist though in creating illustrations and cover art though.

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