Monday, October 13, 2014

OverDrive readers’ top 10 favorite book series

Last month we asked readers to take a quick, one question survey. All they needed to do was pick all of their favorite series from a list we provided (or write any in that they did not see on said list). Thousands of votes later, we’re excited to present to you the top 10 favorite book series of OverDrive readers!

Team OverDrive anticipated Harry Potter being number one, with nearly half of all voters selecting it as one of their favorites, but there were some surprises on the list as well as a wonderful mix of genres and time periods. The series with the most staying power was Little House on the Prairie, the first book of which was published back in 1932!

In addition to sharing this fun infographic, we’re also excited to announce the addition of series pages and book numbers to Now, when you search for a book that’s a part of a series, you be able to tell what number of the series that book is and see all the other titles in proper order.

At, now if you search for a title that is a part of a series, The Magician’s Nephew for example, you’ll be able to go straight to the series page as well. To see this great new feature in action, simply click on the infographic snippet below to see the full top 10 and select any series you’d like to learn more about. You can also check out it out by searching for any title belonging to a series at!



Adam Sockel is a Marketing Communications Specialist at OverDrive. He’s a Potterhead from House Gryffindor and has a scarf to prove it.

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